Kennycreation was established in May 2018 by Kenny as co-creator of The Tokyo Inventor Society (TIS) in 2012.

Using our past experience as TIS, we will continue to pursue our goals; chief of which being, the dissemination of our unique brand of steam punk, Japanese culture, and original concepts. Our endeavor is for old and new inspirations to merge, and for the possibilities to overflow from that synthesis.

By way of example, take the inventor Charles Babbage. Years before Alan Turing, Babbage created a primitive computer. However, due to many obstacles, including but not limited to, society failing to realize the potential of his machine. Thus, the possibilities of what could have been were lost to history. We, like Charles Babbage, need your support to realize our full potential in our endeavor.

When I organized Steamgarden, there were hundreds of customers, each with their own unique perspective on steam punk. The event began to take on the beauty of a metropolis. By that I mean, individuals from all over the world converged on one point, bringing with them specific values and talents that make them unique. There was an array of fashion, culture, and ideas. All united in their shared love for the retro-futuristic aesthetic and creativity.

Thus, under our organization, artists may choose to create in a myriad of ways, united under the conviction we all share: to express one’s creativity. Without the filter of the main stream culture majority, we may show others the essential value of our endeavor.

What We Do

As steam punk already exists, we wish to establish something new. Combining the elements of steam punk, and blending them with Japanese culture and art, we will synthesize something which forgoes the usual tropes of the steam punk stereotype. We want to share it with the world, because it is not solely steam punk in the traditional western perspective.

In ancient Japan, people preferred to use items for a long time, and reuse them again like modern recycling if you will. “Mottenai” is based on not wasting anything, and having respect for the items used. It is an attempt to discover new ways of using, and reusing the old, and perhaps inventing new uses for those things through a sense of creativity. Similar to how punks reused old items, and made things new in a different way, it’s all about perspective. Creating for the sake of enjoyment and for the love of turning something which doesn’t exist yet into reality is really what it’s all about.

There is infinite potential, and we are only limited by our own mind and sense of creativity. The word “steam punk” came from abroad, and the old approach was one of education and awareness for what that word signified. Now we are redefining our own idea of steam punk for others to enjoy.

Together let’s go forward and enjoy exploring fun new ways to celebrate our love of art and culture. Through the seriousness of Japan’s hard work ethics, we will see the results of our passion for producing the best content that reflects our love of the genre.