Kenny (aka Kennycreation) works in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, has been interested in foreign countries since his twenties and traveled frequently. In 2009, he was impressed and inspired by steampunk culture at the world’s largest goth festival WGT (Wave Gotik Treffen) in Leipzig, Germany, and imported it to Japan. At this point, few people in Japan knew about steampunk, so its popularity exploded and was a popular creative theme.

The event created from that inspiration was called Steam Garden and took place a total of 11 times from 2012 to 2018. During this period, Kenny and his group appeared in national newspapers, radio, magazines, and other media to contribute to the expansion of steampunk culture. In 2017, he was the producer of the successful Steampunk Expo held at the invitation of the Taiwanese government. The likes of all manner of performers, musicians, and artists showcasing their talents in a collective cornucopia of enjoyment aided in creating the immersive participatory nature of these events.

From 2019, he opened his own brand, Reverie Emporium, a store in Tokyo specializing in steampunk.

He performed at fashion shows and product sales at Japan Expo in France, and as a DJ at the IGNITE festival in the US in 2019.

In Japan, Kenny has done TV interviews, provided costumes for special effects heroes, and provided costumes for musicians, TV commercials, and a steampunk musical at Shima Spanish village at Mie prefecture.

Kenny also worked as a musician, writing songs and singing in a band, and DJing with bagpipes and folk music as valuable elements, inspired by Celtic culture, to enliven the audience.

With these experiences, he has also worked as an event planner, producer, and art director for several scale events.


Past and Current Projects

Details of events we have hosted (translated from Japanese version of “about” page, images at bottom of section)

Steam Garden (Entertainment party, started April 2012~)
Concept: Steampunk of the science fiction genre, and adventure stories about the worlds of various countries during the Industrial Revolution. A space where event participants can immerse themselves in a real world that actually exists, rather than in a movie or other visual images.
Visitors can talk, solve riddles, shop, take photos, and enjoy entertainment such as dancers, DJs, performers, and street performers in the salon space.

Hunter’s Fair (exhibition and sale, started in October 2016) Concept: A large-scale steampunk-themed exhibition and sale. Not only for shopping, but also for just a casual visit, with live music, dances, fashion contests, and more.

2012/04 Steam Garden vol.1 (Theme: Salon)
Venue: Shibuya Trump House
Attendance: 100 people
Performers: Naoki Ebisawa (accordion) / e-chan & milla (belly dance) / Calling (VJ) Stall: a story (stall)

2012/07 Steam Garden vol.2 (Theme: Japanese style)
Venue: Shibuya Trump Room
Attendance: 300 people
Performers: Jajyu (fashion show) / Miho (calligrapher) / Weidenaru (sword dance)

2012/10 Steam Garden vol.3 (Theme:Alice in Wonderland)
Venue: Shibuya Lounge Raven
Attendance: 300 people
Featuring: Rosé Noir (violin, cello) / Nawoki Tamamushi (song) / Crisis Naked Shop (fashion show) Stall: Tetragrammaton (tea stall)

2013/03 Steam Garden vol.4 (Theme: Celtic)
Venue: Shinjuku Christine Cafe
Attendance: 500 people
Lyon (Belly dance, Fire performance) / Jajyu (Cello) / Homunculus (Band) / Sakyo (DJ)

2013/07 Steam Garden vol.5 (Theme: Western)
Venue: Shinjuku Christine Cafe
Attendance: 400 people
Featuring:takuya(magician) / anya(dance) / Raytrack (DJ) Aviatorge (food vendor)

2014/02 Steam Garden vol.6 (Theme: China)
Venue: Shibuya Chelsea Hotel
Attendance: 300 people
Featuring: Chirico (Erhu) / Tian Zheng Sai (TV personality) / KCN (Taiwanese government-approved illustrator) / Matt Redding (DJ)

2014/07 Steam Garden vol.7 (Theme: Persian Pirates)
Venue: Shibuya Cyclone
Attendance: 300 people
Featuring: Stella Mira (band) / Jajyu / e-cha/milla (belly dance) / Masara Dining (food) / Ben Yusei (modular)

2014/10 Clock Tower in Saint Germain (Co-hosted with corset brand: Abietage. Theatrical event at the completely reserved Yokohama Tower of Jack)
Venue: Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall (Tower of Jack gov. building)
Attendance: 700 people
Performances: Black Violet (performance) / Emurenuet (sand art) / Cadreille experience Stalls: 40 steampunk-related artists were invited to participate in the sales event

2015/02 Steam Garden vol.8 (Theme: Meiji-Taisho Romanticism)
Venue: Laforet Museum, Harajuku
Attendance: 600 people
Performer:Weiden or (sword dance) / Hiyoko (street performance) Stalls:Haruo Sueyoshi (watch) etc. 50 stalls selling goods

2015/8 Steam Garden vol.9 (Theme: Egypt)
Venue: Daikanyama Unit
Attendance: 600 people
Performers: michelle (belly dance) and others Stalls: candynoir (hats) / Haruo Sueyoshi (watches) and others

2015/12 Deus Ex Musica (music festival)
Venue: Shibuya Chelsea Hotel
Attendance: 300 people
Featuring: Luke Kayos (Djembe) / Kenny (Bagpipes) / Kuo Yuto (Shinobue) / Yawara (Tambour) / Ben Yisei (Modular) / Naoki Ebisawa (Accordion) and others

2016/04 Steam Garden vol.10 (Theme: Luxury Liner Mystery)
Venue: Daikanyama Unit
Attendance: 600 people
Performers:Mari Igarashi (blogger) as detective / Emurenuet (sand art) / Takeshi Yoda (theremin) / Miubu (dance) / Eric (talent) / Sakyo (DJ)

2016/10 Hunters’ Fair (2 days of sales)
Venue: Laforet Museum, Harajuku
Attracted: 1,000 visitors
Stalls: More than 70 artists of watches, hats, accessories, etc., who are highly regarded in Japan, participated in the fair. Abietage, a story, foret, leather5160, etc. 2017/April Steam Garden vol.11 (2 days) (Theme: Diesel Punk) Harajuku Laforet Museum Attendance: 800 people Performers: Ray Track (DJ) / Hiyoko (street performance) / Taroui Lei (photography) area) / calling (VJ)

2017/10 Hunters’ Fair (2-day event)
Venue: Laforet Museum, Harajuku
Attendance: 3,000 people
Performers: mayu (belly dance) / Stella Mira (band), etc. Stalls: Over 80 stalls including major companies such as Pentel, etc.

2018/10  Meisterfest (2-day sales event)
Venue: Laforet Museum, Harajuku
Attracted: 2,000 visitors

Other Achievements:
-Limited time store: 2015 Laforet Harajuku, Time Traveler – Sales during the period ranked 3rd among all Laforet stores.

-2019 Makuhari Messe, Tokyo Comic-Con store opening.

-Fashion Show 2013 TWBC Japan Haircut Show (Osaka), which included Junko Koshino and others, creating a salon world view.

-2013 2016, 2020 Steampunk Fashion Show (Tokyo Big Sight, Design Festa) Produced, styled, performed, DJ.

-2019, Paris, France, Fashion show & DJ appearance in Japan Expo, store opening and exhibition

-2013 Doll Maker, Creator Edition Production for Pulip (Shibuya Parco)

-2015 Steam Engineer Soul, Vanilla Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo) Talk & Lecture Produced.

-2017 Integrated production of a month and a half long steampunk exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

-2019 DJ performance & stall in Ignite Market, Green Bay, USA.

Books and publications:
Nikkei MJ Newspaper (November 13, 2013)
Tokyo Newspaper (June 3, 2015)
Interview articles in Evening Fuji (August 3, 2013, December 28, 2012, February 15, 2014)
Supervision of Steampunk corner in Weekly Bunshun (March 19, 2015)
Column article in The Eastern Steampunk Institute 3 Interview.
Supervision of Japan Steampunkers.
Gothic Lolita Bible (in issues 44, 45, 46, 47, 48) Fashion supervision.
Published in Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism – ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1937994287 (English)

(below image text translation )
Steampunk enthusiasts of all ages, genders, and nationalities gather at Steampunk Garden 11. (Steam Garden 11, April 2017, Laforet Museum, Harajuku)
A floor that creates a sense of togetherness (Steam Garden 4, March 2013, Christ Cafe, Shinjuku)
More than 70 artists exhibited and sold their works. 3,000 people visited throughout the two-day event on Saturday and Sunday. (Hunter’s Fair. October 2016, Harajuku Laforet Museum) (Hunter’s Fair. October 2017, Harajuku Laforet Museum)

(below image text translation)
Organizer of “Steam Garden,” one of the largest steampunk events in Japan, organizer of “Hunter’s Fair,” a large scale sales event, stage director for a famous hair cut show, a large two-month exhibition in Taiwan, fashion shows at the Japan Expo and Design Festa in France, and interviews in Nikkei MJ, Evening Fuji, and Tokyo Shimbun. He has appeared in Nikkei MJ, Evening Fuji, Tokyo Shimbun, Radio J-wave, Solaniwa, every issue of the fashion magazine “Gothic & Lolita Bible” (Bauhaus), and in related books such as “Steampunk Toho Kenkyujo” (Graphic-sha), as well as at the Tokyo Comic-Con. Currently, he works mainly at his store “REVERIE EMPORIUM” in Koenji, Tokyo.

-TV appearance (Moyasama 2)                                  –Large-scale haircut show
-Created a great response at Design Festa              –Provided costumes (Shima Spain Village stage)
-Two-month-long exhibition in Taiwan                      –Everyone became the leading role
-Costume provided (King Ojer Sentai King Ojer)     -Display at Vanilla Gallery
-Fashion Walk in Paris Japan Expo